TestimonialsLoren Chris Stone and I were speakers on the International Spa Association Marketing Panel in Orlando. Loren offers strong finance and marketing expertise, plus valuable insights to succeed in the travel, spa and hospitality industries.”-- Craig Oliver, President Spas of America  
"Loren Chris Stone is a man of many talents.  I’ve had the pleasure of speaking on a panel with him at several conferences and he has a way of mesmerizing audiences with on-point data and thought provoking commentary.  He is well versed on a variety of topics and always leaves his participants wanting for more.   His leadership skills are also to be commended.  Leading a task force for the International Spa Association requires planning and the right personality to bring out thoughts, ideas and information from members of the group. Loren was able to masterfully engage our minds and cultivate conversations about important topics and tasks at hand.     Anything he sets his mind to is certainly within reach, as he is driven and focused on achieving his and his organization’s goals." -- Darlene Fiske, Owner of The Fiske Group: Public Relations and Marketing Strategies   “I enthusiastically give a testimonial for Loren Chris Stone. He was President of the Summit Chamber of Commerce at the time I joined in 2003.  I was amazed at his leadership and ability to motivate people. The Chamber was coming out of a very trying period and it was the force of Loren's personality and convictions that set the organization once again on a sustainable course.   I got to know Loren better as I became more involved in the Chamber, becoming a Board member and eventually President. Loren was always available to lend a hand whenever needed and he provided me with valuable assistance in filling a key position in the Chamber. One thing about Loren - you always know where you stand with him. He doesn't sugar-coat things or beat around the bush and is able to get to the essence of an issue quickly and offer possible solutions. He's a great business partner and a great friend.” -- Bob Bloch, Summit County Chamber board member and past president   
“In my 20 years in the special events industry, including over 800 band bookings, I have worked with countless venue and artists personnel. I recognize that Loren Chris Stone has rare, native qualities, which identify him as an extremely valuable asset to any organization. His tack toward challenges is to transform them into opportunities. His instinctive approach is to direct his focus on, “How can I use this challenge to make the situation better?” I have, first hand, seen him create innovative, quick thinking solutions…turning would be obstacles into excellent opportunities.”-- Michael O’Brien, Owner, Peak Performances  
“I have had the opportunity to work directly with Loren Chris Stone on several occasions with the Lake Dillon Fire District. We worked together on the marketing, fundraising, and dedication ceremonies for the High Country Fire Training Center. He did an outstanding job of developing the promotional materials for the facility, contributing to the strategy of fundraising, and handling numerous public relations activities.   I have also observed first-hand Loren’s ability to work under stress of a rapidly developing emergency incident involving multiple mutual aid resources as a volunteer firefighter/EMT. I found him to be a team player with enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. Loren earned the respect of his peers for the dedication and professionalism that he consistently displayed.”-- David Parmley, Fire Chief for the Lake Dillon Fire Protection District  
“I had the opportunity to work alongside Loren Chris Stone on several issues with the Lake Dillon Fire District. The Summit Fire Authority completed a multi-million-dollar facility that was built in cooperation with four fire districts. He was instrumental in helping us look into the future to develop our marketing and promotional plans for this facility. With that information we were able to gain the support to “sell” the facility, both the need and funding, to Summit County, who provided the land, and the individual county fire districts.   During this process I was able to observe Loren and watch him gently, but firmly, get different players on the same page, negotiate information out of a multitude of individuals and still complete his projects on time.”-- Francis Winston, Fire Chief for the Lake Dillon Fire District Protection District  
“I have had the pleasure of working with Loren Chris Stone on many projects. On all occasions he has stepped up to the plate and made the difference between success and failure. His creativity in developing a public relations and marketing campaign to showcase the High Country Training Center exceeded all expectations. The attention to detail in an environment of MANY Chiefs was paramount to the success of every project.”-- Chief Scott Randolph, Fire Chief for the Copper Mountain Fire District  
“Loren Chris Stone was a valued member of our Board of Directors at the Summit County Chamber of Commerce. He played an instrumental role in the development of our shared vision for the future of the organization. He stressed the importance of building constructive relationships with key partners to provide the membership with services and value.”-- Jack Taylor, Executive Director Summit County Chamber of  Commerce  
“I endorse Loren Chris Stone. I operated the MTV Network’s first and only high definition channel MHD, which includes concert and artist programming from our MTV, Vh1, and CMT music brands. I worked alongside Loren with an event that we brought to Breckenridge, Colorado. The artists for this show were The Goo Goo Dolls, Dashboard Confessionals, Gary Allan, and Cheyenne Kimball – all major label artists.   He was crucial to the success of the production venture (MTVN’s first production in Breckenridge). He bent over backwards to ensure the highest degree of hospitality and service to a group of executives and artists that are accustomed to quality. Loren truly delivered. He is also a true leader, visionary, and gentlemen. After the event, he inquired upon any areas of improvement should MTVN return to Colorado—there is not much to improve. I reiterate my full endorsement of Loren Stone.”-- Neil Sharma, Senior Director Emerging Markets, MTV Networks International  
“Loren Chris Stone brings a lot of positive and “can do” energy wherever he goes and whatever he undertakes.   While his mind is incessantly bubbling with creative ideas and solutions to problems, he also always seeks and welcomes ideas or recommendations from his peers and superiors.   While Loren’s wide ranging interests help him stay on top of the current state of affairs, they also give him a glance at things that are yet to come. He is endowed with a dynamic vision that constantly keeps him attuned with tomorrow’s changing circumstances.”-- J.F. Lanvers, Vice-president of Sales & Marketing, Corporate East West Resorts  
“I had the pleasure of working with Loren Chris Stone as President of the Summit Chamber of Commerce and Boards of Directors. Loren was elected to two terms in this leadership position and made lasting legacy contributions to our regional business association. The Chamber was in transition and it was his loyalty, dedication and service to the membership and staff that carried us through some challenging times.   As a result of his leadership style and marketing savvy, we have taken the Chamber to a new level of recognition and respect, as the regional “voice of business” in the community. Our reputation as a leading-edge business to business organization has attracted attention statewide and nationally.   Loren received our Volunteer of the Year Award, Strategic Business of the Year, Small Business of the Year and our highest leadership and service award, the Ben Fogle Award. He continues to serve as a key advisor and life-long supporter of the Summit Chamber.     Thank you for the opportunity to voice our support of Loren Stone.”-- Constance Jones, Executive Director Summit County Chamber of Commerce  
“I have worked with Loren Chris Stone for many years with our hospitality needs for the film crew, athletes, and sponsors.   As the world’s largest ski film producer, we affiliate ourselves with only the best lodging partners with 1st class service—Loren has been able to truly capture this niche in Summit County, Colorado.   However, it goes beyond service and reputation, he demonstrated the ability to save us money on location expenditures—ultimately allowing Warren Miller Entertainment to better position our resources with the film.   I look forward to new developments with Loren and will continue to support him as a valued partner.”-- Johnny Alamo, Executive Director, Sponsorship Warren Miller Entertainment  
“Loren Chris Stone is acutely aware of what it takes to produce successful results through partnerships with various businesses. He has demonstrated incredible leadership and direction to others in the area and has proven to be a role model in the field of property management and development.   Not only is he a visionary when it comes to what factors affect our local economy, but is a master of compiling and nurturing relationships for all parties involved.     As a resort operator we look forward to a prosperous working relationship with Loren Stone in the future.”-- Julie Magliocchetti, Arapahoe Basin Ski Area  
“I have been in the hotel and resort business for 30-years and rarely have I seen such focus and diligence in the process of analyzing all the potential upside and risk factors of a hotel asset. When we worked together, I was very impressed with Loren Chris Stone's intimate knowledge of the resort business in general and more specifically, the revenue enhancement side of the business. He has the uncanny ability to research the market in the most creative ways to gain an enlightened perspective.   In this era all too often I witness mediocrity to be the norm. It was truly refreshing to work with an individual who accepted nothing less than excellence as the standard.” -- John Christopher, President Hospitality Associates  
“I have had the opportunity to work closely with Loren Chris Stone for the past 15-years at various resorts. We began our relationship as strategic partners, while I managed National Accounts and Emerging Markets. I am pleased to state that he had the vision and ability to think “out of the box” in developing a product and cooperative marketing program that was extremely successful.   I chose to continue this strategic program each consecutive year.  This is not only because of a winning program, but also that he is exceptional in managing and developing the relationship with an eye on the future. I have worked with small to large companies for sponsorship, cooperative programs, product partnerships, and his support and talent is unmatched to any other company and partner. In fact, it has been Loren’s examples that have paved the way into other high end resort facilities.   I highly recommend working with Loren Stone in developing a strategic partnership. He represents the type of leadership that will take a company to new heights.”-- Dennis Kelly, National Accounts and Emerging Markets, M&M/Mars, Incorporated