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It is 5:00 a.m., the darkness recedes with the outgoing tide, while the sounds of life awaken. The generations of fisherman stir in this sleepy Spaniards village. Young faces that should be full of promise are replaced with unbridled rage wanting their voices to be heard. The elusive spirit of inspiration is passed without a word spoken, but by the touch of a speeding competitor. These are just a few scenes captured for eternity in the digital space of life. Loren Chris Stone's photographic passion to capture life through a lens began at sixteen when he marched blindly out in a blizzard to get the story. It was many years later, while traveling through Ireland a long time friend told him, "You are a seanchaí. You are like the traditional Irish storytellers, the seanchaí. You carry on the stories, so they are not lost. But you do it through your lens." Loren Chris Stone was accepted into C.I.A for photography, but was unable to pursue that ambition as he took a different path in life. Instead he uses a visual range of creative perspective to capture imagery through his global travels, life experiences and adventures. He tells his story.